Welcome to TokenOfNothing!

TokenOfNothing is a personal blog by me, csssolver295. I do not wish to reveal my identity because a considerable part of the population on the planet are choothiyas.  For the rest of you who are not, I’m glad to have here.

This blog is the product of a rainy Thursday afternoon, two hits of manali cream and a flash of insight. The articles here are a product of neural activity in my head, mostly when stoned. The information presented is based on experience. I’m a recreational tripper and have been tripping for a while in Mangalore. The content on this blog will mainly appeal to people who smoke pot, but I’ll try to keep it as entertaining as it can be for muggles (non-majik folk who can’t fly) too.

Oh and I don’t have a “Contact Moi” link because I don’t want any of you talking to me or to the Pandus (unless of course someone in  the comments is getting raped). Nothing personal. Feel free to ask questions or suggest an article in the comments. Do not ask me to help you score or peddle or in anyway try to communicate outside of the comments section on this blog. Can’t and won’t help you there. All of this is just fun and let’s keep it that way. Anybody who don’t like that? Go suck a dick.


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